Elpher: a gopher and gemini client for GNU Emacs

Welcome to the official web landing page for Elpher, a gopher and gemini client for GNU Emacs.

Important: the actual home of Elpher is


Please go there for project news, the source code, and instructions on how to submit feedback, patches, or otherwise contribute to the project!

Elpher supports:

Here's a screenshot of Elpher in use (showing the Elpher project page):

Screenshot of Elpher running in Emacs with a dark background.

Installation and Uninstallation

Elpher is available on the non-GNU ELPA package archive. If you are using Emacs 28 or later, this archive should be available on your system by default. For Emacs 27, you'll need to follow the instructions at https://elpa.nongnu.org to make the archive accessible.

Alternatively, Elpher is available from MELPA (https://melpa.org). If you have never installed packages from this repository before, you'll need to follow the instructions at https://melpa.org/#/getting-started.

Once one of these package archives is installed, enter the following to install Elpher:

        M-x package-install RET elpher RET

To uninstall, use:

        M-x package-delete RET elpher RET


Elpher is free (as in freedom) software and is distributed under the terms of version 3 the GNU General Public License.