Elpher: a gopher and gemini client for GNU Emacs

Welcome to the official web homepage of Elpher, a relatively full-featured gopher and gemini client for GNU Emacs.

Important: the true home of Elpher is: gopher://thelambdalab.xyz/1/projects/elpher/. Please go there for project news, the source code, and to submit feedback or submit patches!

Elpher supports:

Here's a screenshot of Elpher in use (showing the Elpher project page):

Screenshot of Elpher running in Emacs with a dark background.

Installation and Uninstallation

Elpher is available from MELPA. If you have never installed packages from this repository before, you'll first need to follow the instructions at https://melpa.org/#/getting-started.

To install Elpher, enter the following:

        M-x package-install RET elpher RET

To uninstall, use:

        M-x package-delete RET elpher RET


Elpher is free (as in freedom) software and is distributed under the terms of version 3 the GNU General Public License.