2019-09-18 Tim VaughanPlaying with using actors for IF. master
2019-09-05 Tim VaughanActors is now a module.
2019-08-11 Tim VaughanMade test file naming more consistent.
2019-07-07 Tim VaughanImproved examples.
2019-07-07 Tim VaughanMinor change.
2019-07-07 Tim VaughanAdded counter (become) example.
2019-07-07 Tim VaughanAdded third factorial example.
2019-07-07 Tim VaughanAdded second example using actors to capture state.
2019-07-07 Tim VaughanBroke out example into separate file.
2019-07-07 Tim VaughanInterleaved processing example.
2019-07-07 Tim VaughanFactorial example works.
2019-07-06 Tim VaughanInitial commit.