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2021-07-29 plugdAdded Abhiseck Paira to the list of contributors.
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2021-07-22 plugdEmphasise Alex's contributions in the README.
2021-07-22 plugdSwitched version number to 3.0.0.
2021-07-21 plugdMerge patches curated by Alex.
2021-06-29 Alex SchroederAdd Daniel to contributors, rename makefile
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2020-05-20 Tim VaughanMake explicit mention of Gemini across all documentation.
2020-05-20 Tim VaughanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/patch_gus'
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2020-05-13 Tim VaughanAdded finger to manual and readme.
2020-05-07 Tim VaughanUpdated link to gemini gopher page in README.
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