Updated link to gemini gopher page in README.
[elpher.git] / elpher.el
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanFilter ansi codes from gopher menu items.
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.5.2
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanUse ansi-color to interpret ansi escape codes.
2019-12-09 Tim VaughanUpdated email address.
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanUpdated texinfo. v2.5.1
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanVersion bump and close issue. v2.5.0
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanStrip out ansi codes by default.
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanMake elpher-go be useful non-interactively.
2019-11-17 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'master' into multi-buffer
2019-11-17 Tim VaughanImproved URL regexp. v2.4.5
2019-11-10 Tim VaughanNew simplified history implementation in place.
2019-11-10 Tim VaughanReplaced "nodes" with "pages".
2019-11-10 Tim VaughanMigrating to stack-based history.
2019-11-07 Tim VaughanAdded project page url to commentry.
2019-11-06 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.4.4
2019-11-06 Tim VaughanImproved url regexp. v2.4.3
2019-11-06 Tim VaughanLink to new web home + project page given at start. v2.4.2
2019-11-02 Tim VaughanImproved url regex.
2019-11-01 Tim VaughanFixed version numbers. v2.4.1
2019-11-01 Tim VaughanNew release. v2.4.0
2019-11-01 Tim VaughanMore uniform error handling.
2019-10-31 Tim VaughanSome delinting following the nowait merge.
2019-10-31 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'nowait'
2019-10-31 Tim VaughanFixed hole in gemini URL parsing.
2019-10-31 Tim VaughanMade bookmarks file name clickable.
2019-10-31 Tim VaughanImproved error handling, cancels unused timers.
2019-10-25 Tim VaughanConverging to vaguely acceptable network connection...
2019-10-25 Tim VaughanAccelerated IPv4 fallback working on gemini servers.
2019-10-24 Tim VaughanRaw renderer now displays mimetype if specified.
2019-10-24 Tim VaughanEnabled rendering of HTML files served over gemini.
2019-10-24 Tim VaughanAdded :nowait t to gopher selector retriever.
2019-10-24 Tim VaughanExperimenting with asynchronous connections.
2019-10-14 Tim VaughanBetter handling of port defaults and gemini redirects. v2.3.6
2019-10-04 Tim VaughanStart page now has direct link to bookmarks page.
2019-09-21 Tim VaughanHeader now displays TLS encryption status instead of...
2019-09-20 Tim VaughanPrevent adding properties to node display strings.
2019-09-19 Tim VaughanFixed eol-conversion problem under dos. v2.3.5
2019-09-15 Tim VaughanSanitize URL strings pefore displaying with message. v2.3.4
2019-09-14 Tim VaughanGemini url parsing now collapses dot sequences.
2019-09-14 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.3.3
2019-09-14 Tim VaughanBetter gemini error reportage.
2019-09-13 Tim VaughanAdded missing mouse-3 doc on start page. v2.3.2
2019-09-13 Tim VaughanImproved URL regexp.
2019-09-13 Tim VaughanMade the gemini errors more palatable.
2019-09-13 Tim VaughanSanitized header string. v2.3.1
2019-09-13 Tim VaughanImproved gemini error reporting. v2.3.0
2019-09-13 Tim VaughanAdded URL to header. v2.2.0
2019-09-13 Tim VaughanFixed breaking bug introduced in previous release. v2.1.2
2019-09-13 Tim Vaughanversion bump v2.1.1
2019-09-13 Tim VaughanFixed gemini URL processing bug.
2019-09-13 Tim Vaughanversion bump v2.1.0
2019-09-13 Tim Vaughanmouse-3 is now bound to elpher-back
2019-09-13 Tim VaughanButtonification on by default in directories. v2.0.4
2019-09-12 Tim VaughanSigh. Another bug-fix patch release. v2.0.3
2019-09-12 Tim VaughanReplaced telnet item type support. v2.0.2
2019-09-11 Tim VaughanProper handling of empty mime-type parameter entries. v2.0.1
2019-09-11 Tim VaughanReplaced add-to-list with push. v2.0.0
2019-09-11 Tim VaughanPrepping for 2.0 release.
2019-09-11 Tim VaughanDebugging after refactor: now functional.
2019-09-11 Tim VaughanCompleted draft of refactor.
2019-09-11 Tim VaughanContinuing with factoring.
2019-09-10 Tim VaughanFactoring out transport code from rendering code.
2019-09-10 Tim VaughanRemoved some useless function defs.
2019-09-10 Tim VaughanAdded support for mime-specified gemini charset.
2019-09-10 Tim VaughanFixed up text/gemini margins, handling of mailto: URLs.
2019-09-10 Tim VaughanBetter gemini error handling, support for images+input.
2019-09-09 Tim VaughanVery scratchy text/gemini support.
2019-09-09 Tim VaughanFledgling gemini support.
2019-09-09 Tim VaughanAdded an other-url-specific face.
2019-09-09 Tim VaughanFinishing conversion to URL addresses.
2019-09-08 Tim VaughanGot rid of make-node-from-matched-url. Broke things.
2019-09-08 Tim VaughanMade default protocol gopher.
2019-09-08 Tim VaughanEverything seems to be working again.
2019-09-08 Tim VaughanStart page almost rendering.
2019-09-08 Tim VaughanDraft refactor with url-centric addresses.
2019-09-06 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'master' into url_addresses
2019-09-06 Tim VaughanWorked a bit more on address->url conversion.
2019-09-06 Tim VaughanWorking on switching to URL-based addresses.
2019-09-05 Tim VaughanUpdated start page help following rebinding.
2019-09-05 Tim VaughanReplaced "w" with "." as default view-raw binding.
2019-08-16 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v1.4.7
2019-08-16 Tim VaughanFixed error in previous commit.
2019-08-16 Tim VaughanReport error on unsupported selector type.
2019-07-28 Tim VaughanWorking on switching to URL-based addresses.
2019-07-10 Tim VaughanAdded URI percent decoding/encoding.
2019-07-08 Tim VaughanAdded support for IPv6 addresses in URLs. v1.4.6
2019-06-27 Tim VaughanAdded ?P and ?s to the list of known item types.
2019-06-27 Tim VaughanAdded elpher-go-current.
2019-06-26 Tim VaughanClarified info documentation link.
2019-06-26 Tim VaughanStart page getter now directly renders page.
2019-06-25 Tim VaughanChanged menu item type label www to url.
2019-06-25 Tim VaughanChanged info manual dir category to "Emacs". v1.4.5
2019-06-24 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v1.4.4
2019-06-24 Tim VaughanImproved README.
2019-06-24 Tim VaughanUpdated package header.
2019-06-24 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'master' into manual
2019-06-24 Tim VaughanMade auto-disabling of TLS mode optional and non-default.
2019-06-23 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'master' into manual
2019-06-21 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v1.4.3
2019-06-21 Tim VaughanFixed coding system handling and improved download...