Add declaration to avoid compiler warning.
[elpher.git] / elpher.texi
2021-07-29 plugdAdded Abhiseck Paira to the list of contributors.
2021-07-29 plugdMerge.
2021-07-28 plugdVersion bump. v3.1.0
2021-07-27 plugdUpdated manual.
2021-07-26 plugdMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/patch_compiler_war...
2021-07-25 plugdAdded news+acknowledgements to manual. v3.0.0
2021-07-23 plugdUpdated bookmarks section of manual.
2021-07-23 plugdImproved behaviour of history-all/visited-pages.
2021-07-23 plugd(Temporarily?) removed link numbering code.
2021-07-22 plugdSwitched version number to 3.0.0.
2021-07-21 plugdImproved keybinding compatibility between evil/non...
2021-07-21 plugdMerge patches curated by Alex.
2021-07-12 Alex SchroederAdd history documentation to the info manual
2021-07-08 Alex SchroederReplace Elpher bookmarks with Emacs bookmarks bookmarks
2021-06-29 Daniel SemyonovCleanup various parts of the package
2020-09-19 Tim VaughanMerged Alex Schroeder's header-filling patch. Thanks!!
2020-06-28 Tim VaughanUse "persistent", fixed spelling, updated docs. v2.10.0
2020-06-20 Tim VaughanAdded client cert documentation to manual.
2020-05-20 Tim VaughanMake explicit mention of Gemini across all documentation.
2020-05-15 Tim VaughanUpdated info documentation.
2020-05-13 Tim VaughanAdded finger to manual and readme.
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanUse ansi-color to interpret ansi escape codes.
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanUpdated texinfo. v2.5.1
2019-11-01 Tim VaughanTiny change to manual.
2019-09-14 Tim VaughanTiny texinfo edit.
2019-09-13 Tim VaughanAdded new keybinding to manual.
2019-09-11 Tim VaughanUpdated the README.
2019-09-11 Tim VaughanUpdated texinfo doc.
2019-09-06 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'master' into url_addresses
2019-09-05 Tim VaughanReplaced "w" with "." as default view-raw binding.
2019-06-27 Tim VaughanAdded elpher-go-current.
2019-06-25 Tim VaughanChanged info manual dir category to "Emacs". v1.4.5
2019-06-24 Tim VaughanSpelling fixes.
2019-06-24 Tim VaughanAdded command index.
2019-06-24 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'master' into manual
2019-06-24 Tim VaughanAdded section on encryption.
2019-06-24 Tim VaughanAdded character encoding chapter.
2019-06-24 Tim VaughanAdded history+caching and bookmarks chapters.
2019-06-23 Tim VaughanFinished between-page navigation section.
2019-06-23 Tim VaughanAdded quick start section.
2019-06-23 Tim VaughanMore work on manual.
2019-06-23 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'master' into manual
2019-06-21 Tim VaughanMore work on manual.
2019-06-21 Tim VaughanMore work on manual.
2019-06-21 Tim VaughanStarted work on texinfo manual.