2021-08-12 plugdGemini link prefix strings are back.
2021-08-12 plugdMerge alex/local-files-display
2021-08-12 plugdFixed display of link-only IRIs in text/gemini.
2021-08-11 Alex SchroederFix display of local file links
2021-08-11 Alex SchroederShow IRIs when no display text is available
2021-08-10 plugdFixed imenu caching bug.
2021-08-10 plugdMerged Alex's gemini link line filling.
2021-08-10 plugdBetter handling of default URL schemes.
2021-08-10 plugdFixed gopher type predicate function.
2021-08-09 plugdCan now open gophermap files with file:.
2021-08-09 Alex SchroederFill links
2021-08-09 plugdFixed match data clobbering introduced by previous...
2021-08-09 plugdMerged Alex's IRI support, with tiny changes.
2021-08-04 plugdCleaning up.
2021-08-04 Alex SchroederAdd IRI support
2021-08-04 plugdBug fix in gemini path normalization code.
2021-08-04 plugdOpened an issue.
2021-08-04 plugdVersion bump. v3.2.2
2021-08-04 plugdBug fix: elpher-go was erroring out when elpher wasn...
2021-08-03 plugdBookmarks link on main page now a regular page link.
2021-08-03 plugdURLs now unhexed and decoded prior to use as display...
2021-08-03 plugdAlex's elegant fix for the newline styling issue.
2021-08-03 plugdSanitize display strings for use in header.
2021-08-03 plugdSwitched to window-body-* for getting window dimensions.
2021-08-03 Alex SchroederImproved image rendering: fix max-height
2021-08-02 plugdtext/gemini formatting improvements.
2021-08-02 plugdVersion bump. v3.2.1
2021-08-02 plugdBug fix: elpher-ipv4-only wasn't being respected.
2021-08-02 plugdChanged wording re local gophermap files. v3.2.0
2021-08-02 plugdVersion bump.
2021-08-02 plugdUpdated news section of manual.
2021-08-02 plugdRemoved superfluous function, better bm error handling.
2021-08-01 plugdUpdated manual, working on news section.
2021-08-01 plugdDelinting.
2021-08-01 plugd"Special" pages are now referred to as "about" pages.
2021-07-31 plugdFixed up special page predicate and associated tests.
2021-07-31 plugdMade start page configurable.
2021-07-31 plugdMerge branch 'master' into about-pages
2021-07-31 plugdPrevent elpher-go* interpreting empty input.
2021-07-30 plugdSpeed up rendering of large gemini pages.
2021-07-30 plugdAdd declaration to avoid compiler warning.
2021-07-30 plugdReified special pages using "about:" pseudo-type.
2021-07-30 plugdSet default max width and height of images.
2021-07-29 plugdAdded Abhiseck Paira to the list of contributors.
2021-07-29 plugdMerge.
2021-07-29 Abhiseck Pairalet elpher handle gemini, gopher links in eww buffer
2021-07-28 plugdVersion bump. v3.1.0
2021-07-28 plugdReplaced eval-with-clean-buffer debug declaration.
2021-07-28 plugdReplaced missing check for elpher bookmark handler.
2021-07-28 plugdFixed indenting of history page headers.
2021-07-28 plugdDelinting, fixed indenting in start page.
2021-07-27 plugdUpdated manual.
2021-07-27 plugdAnother text correction.
2021-07-27 plugdSpelling correction.
2021-07-27 plugdAdded missing call to bookmark-maybe-load-default-file.
2021-07-27 plugdSimplified bookmark page code: thanks Alex!
2021-07-27 plugdChanged some wording on bookmark page.
2021-07-27 plugdMerge.
2021-07-27 plugdBetter grouping of text processing procedures.
2021-07-27 plugdCleaned up elpher bookmark page, made optional.
2021-07-27 plugdFiddling with bookmarks display.
2021-07-26 plugdOpened issue re timer.
2021-07-26 plugdPlay better with bookmark-bmenu-other-window.
2021-07-26 plugdStop xterm-color from removing text properties.
2021-07-26 plugdMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/patch_compiler_war...
2021-07-25 plugdAdded news+acknowledgements to manual. v3.0.0
2021-07-25 √Čtienne DeparisMake byte-compiler happy again
2021-07-25 plugdSolved timer issue for socks and non-socks connections.
2021-07-24 plugdCleanup.
2021-07-24 plugdPrevent corruption of ansi interpreter state.
2021-07-24 plugdMoved variable closer to use.
2021-07-24 plugdFixed rogue connection timer issue.
2021-07-24 plugdRemoved unused regexp and fixed spelling error.
2021-07-23 plugdUpdated bookmarks section of manual.
2021-07-23 plugdAdded automatic importing of legacy bookmarks files.
2021-07-23 plugdImproved behaviour of history-all/visited-pages.
2021-07-23 plugd(Temporarily?) removed link numbering code.
2021-07-23 plugdREADME edit.
2021-07-23 plugdUpdated issues file.
2021-07-22 plugdBack to original g,o,O bindings.
2021-07-22 plugdEmphasise Alex's contributions in the README.
2021-07-22 plugdSwitched version number to 3.0.0.
2021-07-22 plugdMore delinting.
2021-07-22 plugdReplaced link to bookmarks on start page.
2021-07-21 plugdMore de-linting.
2021-07-21 plugdImproved keybinding compatibility between evil/non...
2021-07-21 plugdRefactored and expanded link factoring to apply to...
2021-07-21 plugdSome linting.
2021-07-21 plugdMerge patches curated by Alex.
2021-07-20 plugdFixed bugs introduced by last commit.
2021-07-19 plugdMisplaced url-unhex was causing trouble.
2021-07-18 plugdVersion bump. v2.10.3
2021-07-18 plugdAdded edebug specification for a macro.
2021-07-18 plugdHeader-wrapping code was broken for terminal emacs.
2021-07-16 plugdReplaced GUS link with geminispace.info link.
2021-07-12 Alex SchroederAdd history documentation to the info manual
2021-07-11 Alex SchroederAdd local and global history menus using h/H history
2021-07-08 Alex SchroederReplace Elpher bookmarks with Emacs bookmarks bookmarks
2021-07-07 Alex SchroederRevert "Remove an unused local variable"
2021-07-06 Alex SchroederAllow elpher-go to work without an Elpher ebuffer