2022-04-12 plugdAdded function to restart the emus process. master
2021-08-26 plugdAdded support for m3u playlists (and hence internet...
2020-08-12 Tim VaughanUpdated faces for 27.1.
2020-08-11 Tim VaughanExpands "~" in file names before sending to mpg123.
2019-12-15 Tim VaughanBrowser now uses pop-to-buffer-same-window.
2019-12-13 Tim VaughanBrowser albums now different fields.
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanTrack selection now moves point in brwoser buffer.
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanCleaned up centering behaviour.
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanAdded remaining docstrings. Flycheck now happy.
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanAdded some missing docstrings.
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanLibrary loader locks mpg123 process while running.
2019-12-11 Tim VaughanTiny changes to readme.
2019-12-11 Tim VaughanAdded readme.
2019-12-10 Tim VaughanReverted bad idea.
2019-12-10 Tim VaughanAlways keep selected track centred in browser.
2019-12-10 Tim VaughanFixed more typos.
2019-12-10 Tim VaughanFixed typo introduced in previous commit.
2019-12-09 Tim VaughanReplaced "record" with "track".
2019-12-09 Tim VaughanAdded copyright notice.
2019-12-09 Tim VaughanAdded track scrubbing.
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanAdded album skipping.
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanDisabled query on exit for emus process.
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanDecoupled browser from playback.
2019-12-07 Tim VaughanBrowser now reports status after every command.
2019-12-07 Tim VaughanBetter faces, track selection without playing.
2019-12-07 Tim VaughanCleaning up browser.
2019-12-07 Tim VaughanA lot more robust, status display working.
2019-12-05 Tim VaughanIt's actually playing music.
2019-12-05 Tim VaughanMore hacking.
2018-04-22 Tim VaughanFiguring out customization groups.
2018-04-20 Tim VaughanInitial commit.