2018-09-14 Tim VaughanAdded time primitive. master
2018-09-05 Tim VaughanRemoved use of deprecated parse() in favour of Meta...
2018-09-05 Tim VaughanRemoved use of deprecated Pkg.dir.
2018-09-04 Tim VaughanRemoved old statement from readme.
2018-09-04 Tim VaughanUpdated readme.
2018-09-04 Tim VaughanREPL character substitution now working again.
2018-09-04 Tim VaughanNow compatible with 0.7.
2018-09-04 Tim VaughanWorking on compatibility with julia 0.7
2017-09-28 Tim VaughanImproved error reporting.
2017-08-10 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'julia0.6'
2017-08-10 Tim VaughanUsed invokelatest to work around world age issue.
2017-07-11 Tim VaughanTransitioning to julia 0.6 (may be hard)
2017-04-28 Tim VaughanFixed README typo.
2017-03-11 Tim VaughanAdded READ-FILE.
2017-02-24 Tim VaughanAdded licensing to startup message.
2017-01-17 Tim VaughanMade forth.jl compatible with julia 0.5.
2016-10-27 Tim VaughanFixed interpret-mode behaviour of S".
2016-10-23 Tim VaughanFixed bug in executable.
2016-10-15 Tim VaughanAdded executable script.
2016-10-15 Tim VaughanBYE now prints nothing when input stream is file.
2016-10-15 Tim VaughanCan now define an initial file to run.
2016-10-12 Tim VaughanCODE now a library word.
2016-10-12 Tim VaughanAdded UNLOOP, COMPARE and TOLOWER.
2016-10-12 Tim VaughanUpdated README
2016-10-11 Tim VaughanFixed library finding bug.
2016-10-11 Tim VaughanTidying up after refactor.
2016-10-11 Tim VaughanMoved some input stream words to library.
2016-10-11 Tim VaughanUpdated library code to use IB and QUERY-INPUT.
2016-10-11 Tim VaughanThink this fixes INCLUDED.
2016-10-10 Tim VaughanNow reads lib1 fine, but doesn't continue to lib2.
2016-10-10 Tim VaughanINCLUDED now reads library up to end of lib_1_basic...
2016-10-10 Tim VaughanAvoided return stack use in INCLUDED.
2016-10-10 Tim VaughanINCLUDE now reads lib_2 up to ENDCASE.
2016-10-10 Tim VaughanINCLUDE now reads lib.4th up to first nested INCLUDE.
2016-10-09 Tim VaughanAdded generic input buffer words IB and #IB.
2016-10-09 Tim VaughanFixed INCLUDED bug.
2016-10-09 Tim VaughanDebugging INCLUDED.
2016-10-09 Tim VaughanIncluded first file with new INCLUDED def.
2016-10-08 Tim VaughanUpdated run() to call new INCLUDED word.
2016-10-08 Tim VaughanINCLUDED and INCLUDE should now work.
2016-10-05 Tim VaughanWorking on getting initialization working again.
2016-10-02 Tim VaughanDraft INTERPRET implementation.
2016-10-02 Tim VaughanAdded EOF word back in.
2016-10-02 Tim VaughanAdded READ-LINE
2016-10-01 Tim VaughanImplemented SOURCE.
2016-10-01 Tim VaughanUpdated WORD to read from file or terminal buffer.
2016-10-01 Tim VaughanRemoved old INCLUDE def.
2016-10-01 Tim VaughanImplemented basic file io words.
2016-09-24 Tim VaughanAdded open-file and 2 FAMs
2016-09-23 Tim VaughanWorking on fixing file io.
2016-08-13 Tim VaughanFixed bug in CODE.
2016-08-13 Tim VaughanAdded CODE/END-CODE.
2016-07-24 Tim VaughanAdded stack overflow exceptions.
2016-07-16 Tim VaughanAdded unicode completion support to repl. Closes #6.
2016-07-11 Tim VaughanUpdate
2016-07-05 Tim VaughanAmmended tab handling.
2016-07-05 Tim VaughanTabs behaving sensibly in expect.
2016-06-12 Tim VaughanAbort now resets the input stream.
2016-06-11 Tim VaughanMinor changes.
2016-06-11 Tim VaughanFixed FORGET.
2016-06-06 Tim VaughanFunctionally complete implementation.
2016-06-06 Tim VaughanUpdated README.
2016-06-06 Tim VaughanImplemented ABORT".
2016-06-05 Tim VaughanDecompilation works again.
2016-06-04 Tim VaughanFORGET works with vocabularies. Updated readme.
2016-06-02 Tim VaughanWORDS now searches transient vocab only.
2016-06-02 Tim VaughanFactored FIND.
2016-06-02 Tim VaughanImplemented most vocab words.
2016-06-01 Tim VaughanStill messing around with vocabs.
2016-06-01 Tim VaughanImplemented CURRENT, FORTH, ORDER.
2016-06-01 Tim VaughanCorrect FORTH behaviour implemented.
2016-06-01 Tim VaughanAdded CMOVE>
2016-06-01 Tim VaughanUsing standard field conversion words.
2016-06-01 Tim VaughanA bit of abstraction.
2016-06-01 Tim VaughanFIND working again.
2016-05-31 Tim VaughanBroken draft of vocab implementation.
2016-05-31 Tim VaughanWorking on vocabularies.
2016-05-30 Tim VaughanUpdated README.
2016-05-30 Tim VaughanFixed library loading bug.
2016-05-30 Tim VaughanUpdated README.
2016-05-29 Tim VaughanAdded COMPILE.
2016-05-29 Tim VaughanRemoved unnecessary ['] primitive.
2016-05-29 Tim VaughanDivided up library code.
2016-05-28 Tim VaughanAll constants refering to CFAs are now labelled as...
2016-05-26 Tim VaughanReimplemented EXPECT. Closes #1.
2016-05-26 Tim VaughanAdded workable KEY.
2016-05-25 Tim VaughanFIND behaviour now standard. Closes #5.
2016-05-25 Tim VaughanWorking on standardizing FIND.
2016-05-24 Tim VaughanReimplement CONSTANT, VARIABLE, VALUE using DOES>
2016-05-24 Tim VaughanCREATE/DOES> working. Closes #2.
2016-05-24 Tim VaughanWorking on CREATE/DOES>
2016-05-24 Tim VaughanStandardized HERE.
2016-05-23 Tim VaughanRemoved debug code.
2016-05-23 Tim VaughanRSP0 and PSP0 now constants. Closes #4.
2016-05-23 Tim VaughanFixed residual INTERPRET bugs. Closes #3.
2016-05-23 Tim VaughanProblem is with lines >80 chars long.
2016-05-23 Tim VaughanAdequate handling of EOF restored.
2016-05-08 Tim VaughanPinning down insidious bug in interpreter.
2016-05-07 Tim VaughanSlowly getting lib.4th to compile again.
2016-05-07 Tim VaughanCompiler working again.