Final queue count now adjustable.
[jars.git] / mars.scm
2021-07-29 plugdFinal queue count now adjustable.
2020-05-11 plugdEasier debugging of MARS.
2020-05-11 plugdFixed typo in SPL action.
2019-12-28 plugdDefault instr is now a hard-coded constant.
2019-11-27 plugdThis is ridiculous.
2019-11-24 plugdFixed some mars instruction handling bugs.
2019-11-23 plugdParsing and execution of loadfiles working.
2019-11-22 plugdThis is too adictive.
2019-11-22 plugdVisualizer kinda works.
2019-11-20 plugdImproved visualization.
2019-11-20 plugdAdded basic visualization.
2019-11-20 plugdRemoved addr+ procedure.
2019-11-17 plugdNew implementation working.
2019-11-17 plugdConverting to new core implementation.
2019-11-16 plugdMessing with how core is implemented.
2019-11-16 plugdFinished drafting executive function instructions.
2019-11-16 plugdAdded conditional jump instructions.
2019-11-16 plugdMore instructions implemented.
2019-11-15 plugdDrafted MOV.
2019-11-15 plugdWorking on executive function.
2019-11-14 plugdRemoved some debug code.
2019-11-14 plugdDrafted programme installation procedures.
2019-11-14 plugdFixed up address arithmetic.
2019-11-14 plugdDrafted operand evaluation procedure.
2019-11-14 plugdThinking about operand evaluation.
2019-11-14 plugdFleshing out executive function.
2019-11-14 plugdInitial commit.