2021-07-20 plugdVersion bump. master
2021-07-20 plugdCC support working.
2021-07-19 plugdWorking on multiple recipient (CC) support.
2019-12-06 Tim VaughanRemoved test code.
2019-12-06 Tim VaughanEarly checking of recipient validity.
2019-09-14 Tim VaughanVersion bump.
2019-09-14 Tim VaughanSupport for multi-line responses.
2019-09-14 Tim VaughanVersion bump.
2019-09-14 Tim VaughanRelaxed status code expectations.
2019-09-13 Tim VaughanPrevent retries on delivery rejections.
2019-09-05 Tim VaughanAdded command-line option to display version.
2019-09-05 Tim VaughanFixed mail reception bug.
2019-09-05 Tim VaughanFixed #<unspecified> (process-smtp) value on disconnect.
2019-09-05 Tim VaughanFixed another "received:" mistake.
2019-09-05 Tim VaughanFiddling with "received:" formatting.
2019-09-04 Tim VaughanUpdated README.
2019-09-04 Tim VaughanFormatting improvement.
2019-09-04 Tim VaughanOutgoing delivery working!
2019-09-04 Tim VaughanFixed bug.
2019-09-04 Tim VaughanImproved logging.
2019-09-04 Tim VaughanAdded received header to mail on receipt.
2019-09-04 Tim VaughanFirst successful remote delivery.
2019-09-04 Tim VaughanDraft remote-delivery implementation.
2019-09-04 Tim VaughanTiny cleanup.
2019-09-04 Tim VaughanImplemented authentication for remote delivery.
2019-09-04 Tim VaughanCleanup.
2019-09-03 Tim VaughanDeferred mail delivery until after incomming SMTP trans...
2019-09-03 Tim VaughanAUTH PLAIN implementation finished.
2019-09-02 Tim VaughanImplementing AUTH PLAIN authentication.
2019-08-24 Tim VaughanRemoved unused import.
2019-08-24 Tim VaughanAdded license file.
2019-08-24 Tim VaughanAdded README.
2019-08-23 Tim VaughanDrops privs after starting listener.
2019-08-23 Tim VaughanAdded maildir delivery support.
2019-08-23 Tim VaughanAlmost ready for receive-only mode.
2019-08-22 Tim VaughanPreserve newlines in messages.
2019-08-20 Tim VaughanAdded exception handling.
2019-08-19 Tim VaughanFixed line ending problem.
2019-08-19 Tim VaughanSuccessfully accepted connection from other MTA.
2019-08-19 Tim VaughanInitial commit.