descriptionA gardening game for Gemini.
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μBotany is an experiment to see what can be done in gemini without
employing client-side TLS certificates. In place of these, we rely on
an account identifier (a SHA-1 hash of the account name and some
random salt) transmitted in the query portion of the URI to uniquely
specify accounts.  Because this identifier is difficult to guess from
the account name, and because the URI is transmitted to the server
over TLS, I don't think this is a _terrible_ way of managing sessions.

μBotany is inspired by (i.e. a flagrant ripoff of) Mozz's Astrobotany,
which can be found at gemini://  However, it's
best thought of as a cut-down implementation of Jacob Funke's original
Botany game, the source for which can be found at

All of the plant descriptions and ascii art have been copied directly
from the original, while the logic has been entirely reimagined and
implemented as Chicken Scheme extension scripts to my RAGS gemini


To install and run μBotany you'll first need to be running the RAGS
gemini server. (Source available at
gopher://  Then, simply move this
directory to a directory named "microbotany" within the content root
of your server.  You should then be able to create new gardens by
visiting gemini://your.server/microbotany/.


μBotany is derived from Jacob Funke's Botany game, which he released
under the ISC free software license.  Thus μBotany is also distributed
under the same license, which can be found in the file named LICENSE.

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