2022-02-10 plugdFixed bugs in the blacklist logic. master
2022-02-10 plugdAdded blacklist support.
2021-07-19 plugdMaintain a persistent environment for evals.
2020-07-02 Tim VaughanReplace (argv) with (command-line-arguments).
2020-05-29 Tim VaughanScripts now evaluated with cwd set to their location.
2020-05-28 Tim VaughanModularized some of the header code.
2020-05-28 Tim VaughanAdded basic supprt for scripts.
2020-05-27 Tim VaughanUpdated readme.
2020-05-26 Tim VaughanAdded license and readme.
2020-05-26 Tim VaughanRedirect dir -> dir/
2020-05-26 Tim VaughanAdds XML mime type, allows all types to generate dynami...
2020-05-24 Tim VaughanAdded support for dropping privs.
2020-05-23 Tim VaughanAdded header to source.
2020-05-23 Tim VaughanBetter name.
2020-05-23 Tim VaughanAdded dynamic elements, av-98 also connecting.
2020-05-23 Tim VaughanServer serving over TLS.
2020-05-22 Tim VaughanFleshing out server.
2020-05-22 Tim VaughanInitialized repository.