2019-07-01 Tim VaughanUpdated forth.jl installation instructions. master
2018-08-30 Tim VaughanFixed upside-down formatting in README.
2018-08-30 Tim VaughanRemoved silly statements from readme.
2018-08-02 Tim VaughanFixed up readme.
2018-08-01 Tim VaughanUpdated readme.
2018-08-01 Tim VaughanAdded comments to continuation words.
2018-08-01 Tim VaughanReplaced full library.
2018-08-01 Tim VaughanContinuations objs are pairlike for GC marking.
2018-08-01 Tim Vaughancall/cc seems to be working!
2018-08-01 Tim Vaughancall-cc almost working.
2018-08-01 Tim VaughanSimplified restore-return-stack.
2018-08-01 Tim Vaughanrestore-continuation working.
2018-08-01 Tim VaughanReturn stack restore working.
2018-08-01 Tim VaughanReturn stack restoration working?
2018-01-11 Tim VaughanRemoved broken return stack restore implementation.
2017-11-01 Tim VaughanWorking on restore-return-stack
2017-10-31 Tim VaughanPS restore from continuation working.
2017-10-31 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'master' into call-cc
2017-10-29 Tim VaughanRemoved debugging code.
2017-10-29 Tim VaughanFixed bug in set-var.
2017-10-29 Tim VaughanFixed another define-var bug.
2017-10-29 Tim VaughanFixed define-var bug.
2017-10-29 Tim VaughanDraft refactor of define-var etc, fixing scope bug.
2017-10-12 Tim VaughanTiny edits to continuation code.
2017-10-11 Tim VaughanFactored library, implemented make-continuation.
2017-10-09 Tim VaughanClarified readme.
2017-10-09 Tim VaughanSketching out call-cc implementation.
2017-09-29 Tim VaughanFixed GC issue.
2017-09-28 Tim VaughanDebugging GC issue.
2017-08-10 Tim VaughanUpdated README.
2017-07-04 Tim VaughanFactored apply out of application-executor
2017-07-02 Tim VaughanAnalyzed macros working.
2017-06-27 Tim VaughanReplaced old eval with "expand analyze evaluate-eproc"
2017-06-27 Tim VaughanMerged macro quasiquote into analyze.
2017-06-25 Tim VaughanLibrary functioning using new quasiquote.
2017-06-24 Tim VaughanQuasiquote/unquote/unquote-splicing macro working
2017-06-24 Tim Vaughanquasiquote/unquote implemented
2017-06-23 Tim VaughanRemoved quasiquote code.
2017-06-22 Tim VaughanPrimitive procedure evaluation working.
2017-06-21 Tim VaughanDraft implementation of application analysis.
2017-06-21 Tim VaughanBuggy implementation of analyze-lambda.
2017-06-20 Tim VaughanIF analysis working.
2017-06-20 Tim VaughanWorking on analyzer.
2017-06-19 Tim VaughanReplaced header in library file.
2017-06-19 Tim VaughanImproved error system.
2017-06-19 Tim VaughanUpdated readme.
2017-06-19 Tim VaughanMacro expansion working properly.
2017-06-13 Tim VaughanFull draft of macro expander in place.
2017-06-12 Tim VaughanAdded expression sequences to macro expander.
2017-06-12 Tim VaughanAdded define and set! cases to the macro expander.
2017-06-12 Tim VaughanFirst tentative macro expansion working.
2017-06-12 Tim VaughanAdded stubs for macro expansion words.
2017-06-12 Tim VaughanAdded macro expansion skeleton.
2017-06-11 Tim VaughanDisabled existing macro expansion.
2017-05-31 Tim VaughanImplemented let*
2017-05-01 Tim VaughanUpdated README.
2017-05-01 Tim VaughanRemoved debug code from MCE.
2017-05-01 Tim VaughanFixed bug in MCE. Now working!
2017-05-01 Tim VaughanImproving error reporting.
2017-04-29 Tim VaughanSolved hygiene problem, MCE runs (VERY slowly)
2017-04-28 Tim VaughanImproved let macro hygiene.
2017-04-28 Tim VaughanIdentified prob with MCE: macro hygiene.
2017-04-23 Tim VaughanDebugging MCE.
2017-04-23 Tim VaughanForgot to tell GC that ports are now pair-like.
2017-04-02 Tim VaughanStarted porting metacircular evaluator from SICP.
2017-03-12 Tim VaughanImplemented some port input primitives.
2017-03-01 Tim VaughanAdded some port and string primitives.
2017-02-26 Tim VaughanImproved string parser, added license.
2017-01-15 Tim VaughanPrimitive ratnum operations implemented.
2016-12-19 Tim VaughanImplemented fix:gcd.
2016-12-16 Tim VaughanCan now make it through first chapter of SICP.
2016-12-16 Tim VaughanAdded hacky fixnum division op.
2016-12-16 Tim VaughanFleshing out numerical library.
2016-12-16 Tim VaughanCompleted flonum primitives.
2016-12-11 Tim VaughanAdded most flonum primitives.
2016-12-11 Tim Vaughanflonum parsing works
2016-12-11 Tim VaughanAdded floating point printing words.
2016-12-03 Tim VaughanAdded NOT and fixed PROCEDURE?
2016-11-14 Tim VaughanAdded draft readflonum.
2016-11-13 Tim VaughanAdded some more float words.
2016-11-13 Tim VaughanRedefined numeric procs in terms of fixnum prims.
2016-11-07 Tim VaughanMoved source to src directory.
2016-11-07 Tim VaughanUpdated README.
2016-11-06 Tim VaughanAdded (length)
2016-11-06 Tim VaughanFixed AND and OR implementations
2016-11-06 Tim VaughanImplemented and and or as macros.
2016-11-06 Tim VaughanImplemented cond as macro.
2016-11-06 Tim VaughanWhile form now uses let.
2016-11-06 Tim VaughanImplemented let as macro.
2016-11-05 Tim VaughanQuasiquote fix.
2016-11-05 Tim VaughanFixed if form when no alternative.
2016-11-05 Tim VaughanImplemented unquote-splicing
2016-11-05 Tim Vaughanquasiquote and unquote working.
2016-11-05 Tim VaughanUpdated readme.
2016-11-05 Tim VaughanWorking on quasiquote.
2016-11-04 Tim VaughanAdded (error)
2016-11-04 Tim VaughanFixed bug in (display)
2016-11-04 Tim VaughanAdded forth-level exception handling to repl.
2016-11-03 Tim VaughanAdded exception handling words.
2016-11-01 Tim VaughanImplemented read-level portion of quasiquote forms.