2019-05-05 Tim VaughanQuery serving error report improvement.
2019-05-05 Tim VaughanGraceful handling of errors in scripts.
2019-05-05 Tim VaughanRenamed project once more.
2019-05-04 Tim VaughanRemoved old debug code.
2019-05-04 Tim VaughanAnother bugfix.
2019-05-04 Tim VaughanBugfix.
2019-05-04 Tim VaughanQueries etc evaluated in correct WD.
2019-05-04 Tim VaughanAdded support for search selectors.
2019-05-03 Tim VaughanAdded url support.
2019-05-03 Tim VaughanRemoved debug call.
2019-05-03 Tim VaughanAdded optional footer.
2019-05-03 Tim VaughanAdd expression evaluation.
2019-05-03 Tim VaughanAdd shell command record type.
2019-05-01 Tim VaughanUsing (match) to interpret index file entries.
2019-05-01 Tim VaughanRenamed source file.
2019-05-01 Tim VaughanRenamed to "burrow".
2019-04-30 Tim VaughanReimagining implementation.
2019-04-14 Tim VaughanAdded readme and license.
2019-04-14 Tim VaughanRenamed programme.
2019-04-14 Tim VaughanCan now serve binary files.
2019-04-14 Tim VaughanServer is (barely) functional.
2019-04-14 Tim VaughanInitial commit.