Display both URL and IRI for page info when they differ.
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2021-08-10 plugdMerged Alex's gemini link line filling.
2021-08-10 plugdFixed gopher type predicate function.
2021-08-09 plugdMerged Alex's IRI support, with tiny changes.
2021-08-04 plugdBug fix in gemini path normalization code.
2021-08-04 plugdOpened an issue.
2021-07-31 plugdMerge branch 'master' into about-pages
2021-07-30 plugdSpeed up rendering of large gemini pages.
2021-07-26 plugdOpened issue re timer.
2021-07-23 plugdUpdated issues file.
2020-09-19 Tim VaughanMerged Alex Schroeder's header-filling patch. Thanks!!
2020-06-22 Tim VaughanAdded enhancement requests.
2020-06-20 Tim VaughanClosed gemini support issue. :-)
2020-06-02 Tim VaughanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/patch_force_ipv4'
2020-06-01 Tim VaughanBumped priority of bookmark grouping.
2020-05-27 Tim VaughanFixed history bug.
2020-05-26 Tim VaughanAdded history bug to issues document.
2020-05-20 Tim VaughanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/patch_gus'
2020-05-17 Tim VaughanMade gophermap info type parser more robust.
2020-05-16 Tim VaughanBug fix: redirects now rewrite current address. v2.7.1
2020-05-15 Tim VaughanPerformance optimization for gopher and finger xfers.
2020-05-14 Tim VaughanUpdated issue list.
2020-05-13 Tim VaughanAdding finger support.
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanVersion bump and close issue. v2.5.0
2019-11-17 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'master' into multi-buffer
2019-11-10 Tim VaughanUpdated issues.
2019-11-10 Tim VaughanMigrating to stack-based history.
2019-11-08 Tim VaughanImproved issue tracker.