2022-04-22 plugdFixed email addr, added license. master
2019-05-21 Tim VaughanFirst draft of rendering mode.
2019-05-21 Tim VaughanAdd function for rendering sixel graphics in current...
2019-05-21 Tim VaughanAddress some flycheck suggestions.
2019-05-21 Tim VaughanFixed colour scaling.
2019-05-21 Tim VaughanPad out short sixel rows.
2019-05-21 Tim VaughanAdd start and stop chars to sixel strings, skip unknown...
2019-05-20 Tim VaughanGenerated XPMs are now finally valid.
2019-05-20 Tim VaughanClose to working, insert-image broken somehow though.
2019-05-20 Tim VaughanXPM values and colours output working.
2019-05-19 Tim VaughanAdded license and README.
2019-05-19 Tim VaughanAdded boiler-plate package stuff.
2019-05-19 Tim VaughanInitial string processing function seems to work.
2019-05-19 Tim VaughanRemove bugs following previous changes.
2019-05-19 Tim VaughanSwitched to using temp buffer for processing string.
2019-05-13 Tim VaughanDrafted row processing procedure.
2019-05-13 Tim VaughanInitial commit.