Ensure certificate directory exists
[elpher.git] / elpher.el
2020-08-28 Michel Alexandre... Ensure certificate directory exists patch_multiple_buffers
2020-07-30 Alex SchroederUse unhex URLs in the header
2020-07-27 Alex SchroederAdd c binding to the Elpher menu
2020-07-23 Alex SchroederUse xterm-color instead of ansi-color, if possible
2020-07-23 Alex SchroederSwitch URL and Name position in the menu
2020-07-22 Alex SchroederFill headers
2020-07-20 Alex SchroederImplement three commands for history items
2020-07-20 Alex SchroederFixes for elpher-menu
2020-07-04 Alex SchroederAdd Gemini Mode to the menu
2020-07-03 Alex SchroederFixes to the Elpher menu code
2020-07-03 Alex SchroederExperimental: C-u M-x elpher-menu with history
2020-07-03 Alex Schroedertabulated-list-revert-hook must have a local add
2020-07-02 Alex SchroederAdd elpher menu
2020-07-02 Alex SchroederSupport for C-u elpher to have multiple buffers
2020-07-02 Alex SchroederSupport for C-u elpher to have multiple buffers
2020-06-28 Tim VaughanUse "persistent", fixed spelling, updated docs. v2.10.0
2020-06-26 Tim VaughanCan now install externally-generated certs from within...
2020-06-26 Tim VaughanAdded instructions on how to abort connections.
2020-06-26 Tim VaughanRemoved default ports from urls.
2020-06-22 Tim VaughanFixed spelling error. *facepalm*
2020-06-22 Tim VaughanAdded entry for "F"orget command to start page. v2.9.1
2020-06-20 Tim VaughanTidying up for next release. v2.9.0
2020-06-20 Tim VaughanImproved client cert UX.
2020-06-19 Tim VaughanAdded basic client cert functionality.
2020-06-18 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.8.0
2020-06-18 Tim VaughanLinting following refactor.
2020-06-18 Tim VaughanRefactored data transfer code.
2020-06-09 Tim VaughanEncode URLs before display in mouse-over. v2.7.11
2020-06-09 Tim VaughanVersion bump.
2020-06-09 Tim VaughanRevert port-stripping from elpher-address-to-url.
2020-06-05 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.7.10
2020-06-04 Tim Vaughanelpher-go now trims surrounding whitespace from input...
2020-06-04 Tim VaughanStrip default port numbers from URL strings.
2020-06-03 Tim VaughanTiny refactor.
2020-06-03 Koushk RoyGrab port as well as host from elpher-current-page
2020-06-02 Tim VaughanAdded confirmation for bookmark deletion.
2020-06-02 Tim VaughanSlight refactor following merge, linting.
2020-06-02 Tim VaughanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/patch_force_ipv4'
2020-06-02 Tim VaughanAdded a command to return to the start page.
2020-06-01 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.7.9
2020-06-01 Tim VaughanImproved inline help for finger getter.
2020-06-01 Tim VaughanAdded hints to avoid some byte compilation warnings.
2020-06-01 Tim VaughanMouse-over text now generated when needed.
2020-06-01 Tim VaughanMade gemini link and bullet strings customizable.
2020-06-01 Tim VaughanBrings gemini bullet-deteciton into line with spec...
2020-06-01 Koushk RoyAllow option to force ipv4
2020-05-27 Tim VaughanFixed history bug.
2020-05-27 Tim VaughanUnescape gopher selectors when extracting from URLs. v2.7.8
2020-05-25 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.7.7
2020-05-22 Tim VaughanFixed reflow behaviour around bullets.
2020-05-22 Tim VaughanGave preformatted text its own configurable face.
2020-05-22 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.7.6
2020-05-22 Tim VaughanWork around Doom emacs tls problems.
2020-05-22 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.7.5
2020-05-20 Tim VaughanMake explicit mention of Gemini across all documentation.
2020-05-20 Tim VaughanMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/patch_gus'
2020-05-18 Simon SouthRecognize Shift-Tab from a Linux virtual console.
2020-05-17 Tim VaughanUnknown gemini content now rendered as download.
2020-05-17 Tim VaughanMade gophermap info type parser more robust.
2020-05-17 Tim VaughanAdded transfer progress feedback.
2020-05-17 VeeReorder search engines
2020-05-17 Tim VaughanBugfix: file name suggestion for gemini downloads.
2020-05-17 Tim VaughanBugfix: bookmarks saving works again. v2.7.4
2020-05-16 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.7.3
2020-05-16 Tim VaughanFixed help text for heading faces.
2020-05-16 Tim VaughanMade bookmarks file location customizable. v2.7.2
2020-05-16 VeeUpdate documentation to include all supported protocols
2020-05-16 VeeAdd Gemini search link to elpher homepage
2020-05-16 Tim VaughanBug fix: redirects now rewrite current address. v2.7.1
2020-05-15 Tim VaughanPackage linting. v2.7.0
2020-05-15 Tim VaughanUpdated info documentation.
2020-05-15 Tim VaughanAdded heading styles, adjusted fill, messed with tls.
2020-05-15 Tim VaughanDisabled TLS certificate validation by default.
2020-05-15 Tim VaughanPerformance optimization for gopher and finger xfers.
2020-05-15 Tim VaughanFirst round of text/gemini formatting improvements.
2020-05-15 Tim VaughanGemini download performance optimization.
2020-05-15 Tim VaughanUpdated version string.
2020-05-14 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.6.1
2020-05-14 Tim VaughanStop "O" from opening gemini://host without trailing...
2020-05-13 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.6.0
2020-05-13 Tim VaughanCompleted draft finger support.
2020-05-13 Tim VaughanAdding finger support.
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanFilter ansi codes from gopher menu items.
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.5.2
2019-12-12 Tim VaughanUse ansi-color to interpret ansi escape codes.
2019-12-09 Tim VaughanUpdated email address.
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanUpdated texinfo. v2.5.1
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanVersion bump and close issue. v2.5.0
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanStrip out ansi codes by default.
2019-12-08 Tim VaughanMake elpher-go be useful non-interactively.
2019-11-17 Tim VaughanMerge branch 'master' into multi-buffer
2019-11-17 Tim VaughanImproved URL regexp. v2.4.5
2019-11-10 Tim VaughanNew simplified history implementation in place.
2019-11-10 Tim VaughanReplaced "nodes" with "pages".
2019-11-10 Tim VaughanMigrating to stack-based history.
2019-11-07 Tim VaughanAdded project page url to commentry.
2019-11-06 Tim VaughanVersion bump. v2.4.4
2019-11-06 Tim VaughanImproved url regexp. v2.4.3
2019-11-06 Tim VaughanLink to new web home + project page given at start. v2.4.2
2019-11-02 Tim VaughanImproved url regex.