2021-11-19 plugdEverything required up until first input implemented. master
2021-11-19 plugdFixed bug which only allowed <=3 operands.
2021-11-19 plugdAdded missing edge case to call_fv implementation.
2021-11-19 plugdImproved debug info output.
2021-11-18 plugdMore operations added.
2021-11-18 plugdAdded object removal/insertion operations.
2021-11-16 plugdImproved zstring function names.
2021-11-16 plugdAdded some more ops.
2021-11-16 plugdSupported 2op var instructions.
2021-11-15 plugdFirst message printed!
2021-11-15 plugdAdded get/set obj attribute functions.
2021-11-15 plugdExecutes up to into message.
2021-11-12 plugdFixed bug in branch handling.
2021-11-12 plugdFixed bug in global variable referencing.
2021-10-18 plugdAdded readme and license.
2021-10-18 plugdAdded put_prop operation.
2021-10-15 plugdFleshing out object functions.
2021-10-15 plugdAdded several more instructions.
2021-10-15 plugdAdd instruction works.
2021-10-15 Tim VaughanFixed local variable numbering bug.
2021-10-14 Tim VaughanExecuted first instruction.
2021-10-14 Tim VaughanMessing with structure.