descriptionWIP Z-machine implementation.
last changeTue, 4 Oct 2022 07:15:09 +0000 (09:15 +0200)
EZ - an Elisp Z-Machine

This is my (unfinished) attempt at getting Zork 1 running using only
the story file and a few Z-machine reference documents.  It is _not_
intended to be a useful implementation of the Z-Machine - there are
plenty of those, even for Emacs.

I'm sharing this only because it's in my nature to share programming
projects.  However, this is almost certainly not the Z-Machine you are
looking for! :)

For what it's worth:


EZ is free software (free as in freedom), and is made available under the
terms of version 3.0 of the GNU General Public License.  This license
can be found in the file named COPYING which is in the same directory as
the file you are reading.
2022-10-04 plugdScaffolding for input processing. master
2022-10-02 plugdReorganised execution loop to cater for input.
2021-11-19 plugdEverything required up until first input implemented.
2021-11-19 plugdFixed bug which only allowed <=3 operands.
2021-11-19 plugdAdded missing edge case to call_fv implementation.
2021-11-19 plugdImproved debug info output.
2021-11-18 plugdMore operations added.
2021-11-18 plugdAdded object removal/insertion operations.
2021-11-16 plugdImproved zstring function names.
2021-11-16 plugdAdded some more ops.
2021-11-16 plugdSupported 2op var instructions.
2021-11-15 plugdFirst message printed!
2021-11-15 plugdAdded get/set obj attribute functions.
2021-11-15 plugdExecutes up to into message.
2021-11-12 plugdFixed bug in branch handling.
2021-11-12 plugdFixed bug in global variable referencing.
8 weeks ago master