Final queue count now adjustable.
[jars.git] / koth.scm
2021-07-29 plugdFinal queue count now adjustable.
2020-05-13 plugdNow have warrior info files in hill dir.
2020-05-11 plugdTiny changes, made note of bug in SPL.
2020-05-11 plugdKOTH almost functional.
2020-05-08 plugdCleaning up ranking system.
2020-05-08 plugdRanking calculations implemented.
2020-05-08 plugdSettled on score format, challengers now added to hill.
2019-11-27 plugdThis is ridiculous.
2019-11-27 plugdMore fleshing out of KOTH.
2019-11-25 plugdFaffing around with KOTH.
2019-11-24 plugdWorking on KOTH.