descriptionThe JAnky Redcode Simulator
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JaRS: Janky Redcode Simulator

A hobby implementation of the Memory Array Redcode Simulator (MARS)
and associated tools for the programming game, Core War. The original
concept for this game was developed by A. K. Dewdney (see for copies of the 1984 Scientific
American columns where the idea was first presented).

At this pont, JaRS contains utilities for:
- Running redcode programs (warriors) specified in the "load file"
  format of the 1994 draft of the core war standard,
- Visualizing the progress of battles graphically using Tk, and
- Maintaining King of the Hill style tournaments in the spirit of

JaRS is still under development, and many aspects have not been fully
tested.  Use at your own risk!

Further Details

JaRS follows version 3.3 of the Proposed 1994 Core War Standard.
(A copy is here: gopher://

Currently the parser only handles the redcode programs expressed in
the simple "load file" format described by the standard.  All possible
core war programs can be expressed in this format, but it lacks some
niceties such as labeled addresses.  That is, it accepts the redcode
equivalent of machine code but lacks an assembler.

Furthermore the simulator itself lacks support for p-space, a private
memory area reserved for each program in some later revisions of the


JaRS is free software, and is distributed under the terms of version 3
of the GNU General Public License.  A copy of this license can be found in
the file named COPYING.
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