2021-07-29 plugdClicking the current context now toggles zoom. master
2021-07-28 plugdAdded clickable contexts.
2021-07-26 plugdCan now erase context output.
2021-07-23 plugdAdded completion and help for whois.
2021-07-22 plugdAdded join as a client command.
2021-07-18 plugdScroll-to-last-line enabled for zooming also.
2021-07-18 plugdMaximise visibility of buffer when point on the last...
2021-07-18 plugdFixed bug where /names causes heaps of channels to...
2021-07-18 plugdFixed error in quit command definition.
2021-07-17 plugdSwitched to font-lock and basic faces.
2021-07-16 plugdAdded command to list networks.
2021-07-16 plugdInitializer can now immediately connect to chosen network.
2021-07-15 plugdShifted some procedures around.
2021-07-15 plugdFixed issue with being able to insert chars into the...
2021-07-15 plugdFixed bug in msg param count check.
2021-07-15 plugdAppended spaces to autocompletions.
2021-07-15 plugdAdded help system.
2021-07-14 plugdStrip out colour formatting codes.
2021-07-14 plugdMade command completion extensible.
2021-07-14 plugdMade command list queriable and extensible.
2021-07-13 plugdAdded command completion.
2021-07-13 plugdNetwork names now complete.
2021-07-13 plugdRemoved some networks from the default list.
2021-07-13 plugdAdded user-defined responses.
2021-07-12 plugdImproved URL regex.
2021-07-10 plugdAdded zoom status to header.
2021-07-10 plugdChanged name of project in readme.
2021-07-10 plugdAdded basic formatting code support.
2021-07-08 plugdImprovements to url regexp.
2021-07-08 plugdFixed list command.
2021-07-08 plugdFixed action face.
2021-07-08 plugdActions now display channel.
2021-07-08 plugdFixed header initialization bug.
2021-07-07 plugdAdded header.
2021-07-06 plugdMade nick completion case-insensitive.
2021-07-06 plugdInvisible messages now properly filled.
2021-07-06 plugdDeal with KICKs.
2021-07-06 plugdMessage prefixes now have context face.
2021-07-06 Tim VaughanImproved URL regex.
2021-07-06 Tim VaughanUpdated acronym expansion in readme.
2021-07-06 Tim VaughanPrefixes now have their own colours.
2021-07-06 Tim VaughanAdded timestamp face.
2021-07-05 Tim VaughanAdded history cycling.
2021-07-05 Tim VaughanAdded nick completion.
2021-07-05 Tim VaughanAdded clickable URLs.
2021-07-03 Tim VaughanFixed initial invisibility status.
2021-07-03 Tim VaughanReplaced dedicated display-action procedure.
2021-07-02 Tim VaughanActions work again.
2021-07-02 Tim VaughanProper handling of topic messages.
2021-07-01 Tim VaughanBasic context highlighting and zooming implemented.
2021-06-30 Tim VaughanWorking on context-specific styling.
2021-06-30 Tim VaughanBugfixes, and allowed suppression of join messages.
2021-06-30 Tim VaughanFixed broken ref to old variable name.
2021-06-30 Tim VaughanImproved filling.
2021-06-30 Tim VaughanImproved nick and command handling.
2021-06-30 Tim VaughanFixed some bugs, added POC context highlighting.
2021-06-29 Tim VaughanAdded readme.
2021-06-29 Tim VaughanTold display-notice about the current context.
2021-06-29 Tim VaughanRenamed project.
2021-06-29 Tim VaughanAllowed forcing of ipv4.
2021-06-28 Tim VaughanCleanup and added sentinel for lirc process.
2021-06-28 Tim VaughanThings are roughly working again after refactor.
2021-06-23 Tim VaughanSwitched to alternative data structure for channels.
2021-06-21 Tim VaughanAdded /connect and included filling.
2021-06-21 Tim VaughanImproved PART handling.
2021-06-21 Tim VaughanCleaner connection code.
2021-06-21 Tim VaughanNow using TLS, improved handling of joins/quits.
2021-06-20 Tim VaughanImplemented CTCP version and ping.
2021-06-19 Tim VaughanCommand entering now separates cmd from params.
2021-06-17 Tim VaughanAdded channel registration and user list tracking.
2021-06-16 Tim VaughanWorking on message evaluation.
2021-06-16 Tim VaughanFixed package name.
2021-06-16 Tim VaughanCommands are removed from prompt after sending.
2021-06-15 Tim VaughanCan now send no-argument server commands.
2021-06-15 Tim VaughanRead-only behaviour is now correct.
2021-06-15 Tim VaughanBetter message handling.
2021-06-15 Tim VaughanInitial commit.