descriptionLurk: the Little Unibuffer iRc Klient
last changeThu, 29 Jul 2021 08:31:22 +0000 (10:31 +0200)
Lurk - the Little Unibuffer iRc Client

An extremely rudimentary (GNU Emacs) IRC client whose main
distinguishing "feature" is that it displays all messages in a single
buffer.  Of course, the difficult part is in trying to ensure that the
result remains vaguely readable...

This is extremely preliminary work, and is as yet more-or-less unusable
by anyone besides the truly dedicated.
2021-07-29 plugdClicking the current context now toggles zoom. master
2021-07-28 plugdAdded clickable contexts.
2021-07-26 plugdCan now erase context output.
2021-07-23 plugdAdded completion and help for whois.
2021-07-22 plugdAdded join as a client command.
2021-07-18 plugdScroll-to-last-line enabled for zooming also.
2021-07-18 plugdMaximise visibility of buffer when point on the last...
2021-07-18 plugdFixed bug where /names causes heaps of channels to...
2021-07-18 plugdFixed error in quit command definition.
2021-07-17 plugdSwitched to font-lock and basic faces.
2021-07-16 plugdAdded command to list networks.
2021-07-16 plugdInitializer can now immediately connect to chosen network.
2021-07-15 plugdShifted some procedures around.
2021-07-15 plugdFixed issue with being able to insert chars into the...
2021-07-15 plugdFixed bug in msg param count check.
2021-07-15 plugdAppended spaces to autocompletions.
11 months ago master