descriptionSimple Actor Machine: a virtual machine populated by actor-like entities
last changeThu, 6 May 2021 12:35:41 +0000 (14:35 +0200)
2021-05-06 Tim VaughanBehaviours are now tagged lists. master
2021-05-06 Tim VaughanSleep is now the default actor behaviour.
2021-05-03 Tim VaughanWorking on MUD login system.
2021-05-03 Tim VaughanMinor changes to behaviour macros.
2021-05-02 Tim VaughanRefactored chat client.
2021-05-02 Tim VaughanImplemented beh hierarchy and behaviour macros.
2021-05-01 Tim VaughanMessage delivery now catches exceptions and prints...
2021-05-01 Tim VaughanAdded gitignore.
2021-05-01 Tim VaughanSmall amount of tidying.
2021-05-01 Tim VaughanUpdated examples to be compatible with new architecture.
2021-05-01 Tim VaughanSAM now runs the show.
2021-05-01 Tim VaughanAdded notes.
2021-05-01 Tim VaughanReplaced URIs as optional string representation of...
2021-05-01 Tim VaughanNo longer using URIs for internal address representation.
2021-04-30 Tim VaughanReorganized boot.
2021-04-30 Tim VaughanAdded header for fifo source.
13 months ago master