Added missing termination periods to text and index output.
[scratchy.git] / burrower.scm
2019-05-25 Tim VaughanAdded missing termination periods to text and index...
2019-05-10 Tim VaughanModified buffering mode for output.
2019-05-06 Tim VaughanMore allowances for broken clients.
2019-05-06 Tim VaughanDamn you parinfer.. :-)
2019-05-06 Tim VaughanPlugged gaping security hole.
2019-05-05 Tim VaughanSupport for broken url handling in clients.
2019-05-05 Tim VaughanImproved conformance for web links.
2019-05-05 Tim VaughanGot rid of useless ip address arg in query procedures.
2019-05-05 Tim VaughanQuery serving error report improvement.
2019-05-05 Tim VaughanGraceful handling of errors in scripts.
2019-05-05 Tim VaughanRenamed project once more.