descriptionA flexible gopher server in Chicken Scheme.
last changeThu, 2 Jul 2020 09:05:15 +0000 (11:05 +0200)
2020-07-02 Tim VaughanReplaced (argv) with (command-line-arguments). master
2020-05-30 Tim VaughanImprovements to git browser example.
2020-05-13 Tim VaughanVersion bump.
2020-05-13 Tim VaughanFixed bug in script execution chwd code.
2020-05-13 Tim VaughanVersion bump.
2020-05-13 Tim VaughanRemove requirement of trailing slash on directory selec...
2019-08-28 Tim VaughanReplaced line buffering mode setting.
2019-08-28 Tim VaughanAdded IP blacklisting.
2019-08-22 Tim VaughanSimplified server server-loop
2019-08-03 Tim VaughanAdded archive generation to git browser example.
2019-08-03 Tim VaughanModified script argument behaviour.
2019-07-08 Tim VaughanEnabled IPv6 support.
2019-06-21 Tim VaughanImproved connection error handling.
2019-06-18 Tim VaughanAdded missing newlines to usage message.
2019-06-18 Tim VaughanReplaced commit list in browse-git.
2019-06-18 Tim VaughanChanged name to Scratchy.
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