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Project Description Last Change
scratchy.git A flexible gopher server in... 9 months ago
microbotany.git A gardening game for Gemini. 11 months ago
elpher.git A gopher and gemini client... 4 weeks ago
sixel.git An emacs mode for displaying... 2 months ago
actors.git Experiments with the actor... 14 months ago
forth.jl.git FORTH implemented in Julia. 3 years ago
lurk.git Lurk: the Little Unibuffer... 11 months ago
scheme.forth.jl.git Scheme implemented in FORTH. 2 years ago
sam.git Simple Actor Machine: a virtua... 13 months ago
emus.git Simple music player/browser... 2 months ago
jars.git The JAnky Redcode Simulator 10 months ago
rags.git The Right-Awful Gemini Server. 4 months ago
lambdamail.git The world's worst SMTP mail... 11 months ago
ez.git WIP Z-machine implementation. 7 months ago